Updated: Sep 14, 2020

That moment of clarity when reaching optimal altitude.


For those that can understand it and those that should, the closest thing to flying and the least furthest from the sky.

Do you remember your first time "catching air?" Well I do... well, let me rephrase that; I remember hitting the ground laying on my back at the local trails we had by the Food Lion called Shady Banks, down in Bethel Manor in Hampton, VA. Either way it was the first time I flew and as my young childlike body floated through the sky I could remember me thinking, "hell yea, this is awesome!''kdk Now granted I did become a lot better at "catching air" over the years, but that one moment back then when I had my first fear-adrenaline cocktail was all it took for me to want to continue trying this thing we call bmx.

How about you? Is there a time thats stands out for you when trying to learn how to fly, and if you crashed did you continue. We look forward on hearing your stories. NOW GO RIDE YOUR BIKE!

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