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Corona Made People Stop Trippin'

...Only literally.

With the world grinding (and not in the way we like) to a halt, is this the end of BMX road trips as we once knew them?

Wait...lemme slow down. Do people even DO BMX road trips like they used to? I mean, do people pile up 4 or 5 of the homies in one of your beaters, have everybody chip in for gas/food, and leave their state on the open road, with nothing but new spots and good times on the agenda?

I know you younger guys are sick of us "boomers" always talking to you about how things used to be, about why we think old VHS videos, four brakes, and 30 pound bikes were the best BMX days ever. You're over listening to our stories about this pro you never heard of, and that spot that doesn't exist anymore, or those parks that got buldozed before you could even hold your head up on your own. I get it. But hear me out - just because we talk about those times that way doesn't mean we don't love where you guys have taken it. I mean, hell, we're the guys making the parts and building the parks you're riding right now. It's just that those days were ones we'll always look back on as simpler times, back before we had mortgages and rugrats, or when we could blow days on end headed to spots out of town with no hard deadlines or set schedules. We reminisce on when gas was 97 cents a gallon, and we could cram 5 guys into a Honda Civic on a 5 hour trip, our bikes disassembled and tucked in all around us, no seat belts and $63.57 between us for the entire trip. We're not telling those stories to bore you or talk shit on whatever it is you're doing now. We're sharing them because we're hoping you'll want to go and make those same kinds of memories of your own. Crazy blowouts at 90 when the driver fell asleep because nobody wanted to leave last night's party early. Wild spots you ran across by accident while pedaling through a new city. Strange arguments over even stranger occurrences that end in fireworks fights and gut-busting laughter, while one of you catches it all on camera. New friends made at every stop mean future sofas to crash on on other trips. Injuries suck, but they'll make for cool crash footage and a mean scar you can tattoo over. Ramp Tramps are everywhere (Tinder in strange cities is insane), and the homies are always down to put you on with their favs if that's what you're looking for. And you'll bring home swapped parts, rare stickers, dope shirts from other crews, maybe and STI, but most of all, stories that you and your boys will talk about for many years to come.

And there is nothing - no trend, no style, no gimmick, no parts, no contest win or trophy or sponsorship that is more valuable than THAT right there.

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